When you say Alpine Pro, most people think of a Czech company producing functional outdoor clothing and original collections for the Czech Olympic Team. But there is a lot more to the Alpine Pro brand, which celebrated 20 years on the market in 2014. An essential part of the corporate strategy is also sponsoring activities not only in the field of sports.

Sochi Sochi 2014

The inspiration for the design of the Olympic collection came from the first Czechoslovak stamp, designed in 1918 by Alfons Mucha. The central motif was the leaves of linden trees, which is a national symbol. For the first time in history fans had a chance to purchase first kidswear Olympic collection. The originality of the clothing in Sochi was stylishly highlighted by the gold-medal-winning Eva Samková and her fans, who after her triumph wore the jacket with golden lining inside out.

London London 2012

Designers of the Olympic collection for the Summer Games in London incorporated motifs of the famous Kupka's abstract work Amorpha - Fugue in Two Colours, which symbolizes the desire to overcome limits. Along with the jackets, which changed colour in response to water, the athletes received eye-catching boots that caught worldwide attention at the opening ceremony. Golden medals were proudly won Špotáková and Kulhavý, and silver medals by the tennis couple Hradecká-Hlaváčková.

Vancouver Vancouver 2010

Alpine Pro is the first Czech company to have the honour to design and produce clothing for the Czech Olympic sportsmen. Immediately, the first collection attracts attention. Abstract, eye-catching motif at Vancouver earned Alpine Pro an award for the best Olympic collection (The Huffington Post). The athletes themselves, including figure skater Tomáš Verner, cross country skier Kateřina Neumannová and rower Ondřej Synek, participated in the development of clothing which benefited from unique materials gained from coffee and bamboo. Products of the Olympic collection could also be for the first time in history purchased by fans.

Rio de Janeiro 2016

The collection was prepared by a team of ten designers led by Lucie Kuříková and Patrik Nábělek for two years in cooperation with the Czech athletes who tested the garments. The main motif of the collection is a stick figure of a runner which the phenomenal runner Emil Zátopek sometimes added to his signature.

“The Olympic collection has been prepared with an utmost emphasis on functionality and design. As usual, this unique collection, which will be available not only for the Czech Olympic team members but also for any true fan, was developed with the participation of athletes who tested individual garments and commented on them.” said Václav Hrbek, the company owner and founder.