Do you like wandering around the country and historic sites? Can you enjoy a long stay in rough mountains? You can’t do both wearing the same footwear as your legs would really suffer. The so called footwear category has been created so that we can enjoy any situation undisturbed in a range of conditions and when engaging in a range of different activities.


Walking footwear which combines a comfortable upper with a high–quality shoe sole.
It’s ideal for common wearing and going for walks in the great outdoors, all–day trips, sightseeing and travelling around cities or other places using different means of public transport or wandering around in the countryside with dogs.


Hiking footwear designated for shorter hikes on an easy terrain.

Thanks to its profiled shoe sole and firm upper part, the footwear found in this category is intended for shorter hikes on an easy terrain and a mainly softer earthenware surface. Hiking footwear can be used on most marked paths and tracks as well as off the beaten path. Shoes in this category feature a functional membrane.


A trekking category. Its basic features are long lifespan and user comfort. Resistant hiking footwear. Ideal footwear for longer hikes in a more demanding environment with a mostly mixed surface. It is characterized by a firm ankle and materials which are more resistant to scuffing. The shoe is designed for us to be able to manage a several hour-long climb followed by the subsequent several hour–long descent.


Walking and running is the most natural movement for a human being. However, for safe and healthy movement it is necessary to have good footwear. Alpine Pro has invented the unique FUSION GRIP technology for you to have steady steps during any sports activities. This technology is used with shoes with different kinds of upper parts including waterproof ones; therefore anybody can choose a suitable product according to the chosen activities in the city or in the nature.
The technology is designated for sports footwear soles from the Performance collection. The multifunctional shoe sole ensures the required adhesiveness on different kinds of surface thanks to its antislip structure. Special heel reinforcement necessary for appropriate support and foot leading which is surrounded by light–weight matter and impact softening are dominant features.