FunCTIONAL CLOTHESFunctional clothes are any clothes which are made of modern
materials, keep you warm and are both water and windproof..

Alpine Pro’s functional materials achieve this effect thanks to its fibres which boast the following specific profiles.
Capable of pulling moisture off the body, and due to transferring it to the end of the fibres where it can evaporate more quickly, become dry rapidly. Keep moisture at an optimal level on the body, conducting it away whenever there is too much. The body can’t be completely dry and that is not what we want either, because the body and skin need to maintain a certain level of moisture, meaning the clothes only conduct excess moisture away. The material must act like a second skin – highly elastic, nicely close-fitting and which doesn’t restrict you when moving. Antibacterial treatment ensuring that clothes remain fresh for a long time is just a pleasant bonus of functional clothes.




Everybody has different tastes; which is why ALPINE PRO offers more than three different materials. From the first layer, we require no limitations to movement, rapid conducting of excess sweat away from the body and keeping the body warm; basically to act as our second skin.


Bamboo is very popular owing to its flexibility and antibacterial treatment; a seamless cut also provides enhanced comfort.


Cool–Dry – a cool and dry T-shirt which is particularly useful in the summer. The functional material dries very quickly and partially cools down the organism.


Softtech, Thermocool – soft technology with an extremely long lifespan.


Seamless clothes perfectly tailored to the anatomy of the human body.




Non-absorbable and, above all, very light. Either polyester or nylon is the most frequently used for the second layer. It is also used as padding in winter and ski jackets. If needed, we add as many second layers as we want to achieve the required thermal effect.


Lihterm: is the thinnest functional sweatshirt characterized in terms of its excellent thermal insulation and low weight in grams.


Prostrech – a highly elastic material that doesn’t limit your movement.


The warmest functional sweatshirt. The inside is made of brushed fibres which creates a lot of small air pockets. In these pockets the air is very quickly warmed up by body heat and can provide warmth for a longer time.


This material was originally invented for the US army to replace goose feathers. This synthetic fibre has one big advantage over leather – it provides warmth even when it’s wet.


Thanks to this shape it fills up more space, meaning a smaller amount of padding is needed. The jacket is characterized in terms of its extremely low weight and its properties are similar to feather jackets, however at half the price.


The Thermocool filling made of thermocool fibres, which we use to make underwear, helps thermoregulation.



ProtectiVe laYer

Upper clothes cover lower layers and chiefly protect against wind, rain and chafing. At the same time these materials are breathable so that the user doesn’t sweat when wearing the jacket. It pays to take this layer with you on any kind of trip in case the weather gets worse or it starts to get windy or rainy.


A very thin and smart layer that can prevent clothes from getting wet and at the same time conduct moisture in the form of steam away through clothes.


A thin layer of matter spread on the inner part of the material so that we achieve a simpler, quicker and less financially demanding variation of waterproof functional clothes.


Long–lasting impregnation, which the upper part of the third layers is treated with, protects the material from getting soaked up.

SOFTSHELLSoftshell is a hybrid between the secondand the third layer – it warms and protects at the same time.

When we combine these two properties together we get the SOFTSHELL material, the ideal one for unpredictable weather. It is primarily suitable for day-to-day wearing to the city and of course into the great outdoors.